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What is Tandoori cooking? Contrary to common belief, many people think that the word “tandoori” refers to a recipe, yet it can be better described as method of cooking. While a tandoor can be used to prepare breads but is also commonly used for preparing marinated meats or vegetables over an intense charcoal fire.

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Only the Best Ingredients.

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Traditional Pakistani and Indian desserts are just what you need after a great meal!

Tandoori Chicken – The Mainstay of Tandoori Cooking.



People are so used to eating previously prepared food that has either been frozen or quickly prepared. Our Tandoori Chicken is always fresh, never frozen.
Our passion is to make sure you are not only satisfied but ecstatic with our food. Tandoori chicken is a yogurt and spice marinated chicken cooked in a tandoor, a cylindrical clay oven. It is a popular dish originating from the Indian subcontinent and a delicacy from our kitchen. You will enjoy this recipe and be amazed at the juiciness of the chicken. We hate dry chicken. We hate frozen chicken. We love to serve you only the freshest chicken.

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